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Agile PM 101 – Learn the Truth About Agile versus Waterfall

Learn the Truth About Agile versus Waterfall

Course Summary – Learn the Truth about Agile versus Waterfall

The Learn the Truth about Agile versus Waterfall course will help you to see Agile and traditional plan-driven project management principles and practices in a fresh new perspective as complementary to each other rather than competitive in order to get the best of these two worlds.

Many businesses and project managers are faced with a choice of choosing a traditional plan-driven approach (or what is sometimes called “Waterfall”) or a more Agile approach for critical projects which can be a very important decision with significant business impact but there are many stereotypes and misconceptions that exist about both “Agile” and “Waterfall” that can be very confusing and misleading. Many people see this as a binary and mutually-exclusive choice between two extremes and attempt to force-fit projects to one of these two approaches when the right solution is to go in the other direction and fit the approach to the project.

Since this is such a critical decision that has such a big impact, it’s very important to get past these stereotypes and misconceptions, develop a clear objective understanding of what it means (or doesn’t mean) when people talk about “Agile versus Waterfall”.

Student Reviews:

  • “Great Course – Chuck provided an excellent overview for understanding the different concepts between a traditional approach and modern Agile adaptive approach methodologies for project management. Thoroughly enjoyed the course, concise and straight to the point.”
  • “Excellent – This course is excellent!!! I really enjoyed the way that speaker compared Agile and Waterfall. Now I understand much better the differences between that”
  • “I completed the course today and found it very informative. The presenter, Chuck Cobb was easy to follow and you could hear the passion in his voice regarding this topic. Prior to the webinar, I was confused and thought Agile and the Waterfall processes were mutually exclusive, but am now convinced using elements of Agile with Waterfall, will improve the overall success of my projects. Although unsure and a little nervous about how to go about this, I must and will adapt!”

Special Note

This course is part of an overall curriculum that is designed around helping students develop the skills required for a high-impact Agile Project Management role.  Most students will want to take the complete curriculum rather than individual courses.  The complete curriculum should be taken in the following order:

  1. Agile PM 101 – Learn the Truth About Agile versus Waterfall
  2. Agile PM 102 – What’s the Future of Agile Project Management?
  3. Agile PM 201 – Understanding Agile at a Deeper Level
  4. Agile PM 202 – Introduction to Agile Project Management
  5. Agile PM 301 – Mastering Agile Project Management
  6. Agile PM 401 – Advanced Agile Project Management
  7. Agile PM 402 – Enterprise-level Agile Project Management

Note: This course is intended as a “primer” for all of the other primary courses.


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