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This category contains topics associated with the relationship of  PMI strategy and certifications to Agile and how the two areas are related.

PMI is slowly beginning to embrace and integrate Agile as a legitimate form of project management but it is a huge effort and will take a lot of time.  For a number of years, Agile was not recognized at all as a form of project management.  Then PMI created the PMI-ACP certification in 2012.  The PMI-ACP certification was a step in the right direction but it didn’t go far enough:

It is a general test of lean and Agile knowledge and does not prepare someone for a particular Agile Project Management role
It treats Agile and traditional plan-driven project management as separate and independent domains of knowledge with little or no integration between the two.

In 2017, PMI released PMBOK version 6 and the Agile Practice Guide.  That went a little further towards integrating Agile but still not far enough
PMBOK version 7 has started development now and is expected to go much further in this direction.

PMI is really scrambling to develop a new direction to keep pace with this evolution.  For example, PMBOK version 7 is expected to be much more lean and principles-based and give more general guidance.

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