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Enterprise-level Agile

This category contains posts related to scaling Agile to large, complex, projects and successfully implementing an enterprise-level Agile transformation.

Doing enterprise-level Agile successfully can be a very difficult and challenging thing to do and involves:

  • Scaling a development process as needed to handle larger and more complex enterprise-level projects
  • Developing a strategy to integrate an Agile development process with a company’s business
  • Designing and implementing an effective Agile transformation for a business including whatever level of cultural change and change management might be needed

Many companies make the mistake of simply force-fitting an Agile approach on a company’s business and it is much more complicated than that.  It takes a lot of knowledge and skill to fit an Agile approach to a company’s business and it may require a blend of Agile and traditional plan-driven project management to do it effectively.

Please check the articles associated with this category for more detail:

What is “Hyper Agile”?

What Is Hyper Agile?

I’ve heard people ask “What is “hyper agile?”. This is a relatively new term so I decided to do some research on it. It’s not as simple as you might think.

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Improving Project Management Performance

Effective project management is the lifeblood of many corporations and improving project management performance is a critical goal. However, the Project Management profession is going through some very significant changes right now as a result of the influence of Agile that will cause us to rethink what “project management” is and to more clearly define

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PMI Acquisition of Digital Agile Delivery (DAD)

You may have heard the announcement that PMI has acquired the Disciplined Agile Delivery Framework (DAD). This is a very significant announcment. What Does The PMI Disciplined Agile Delivery Announcement Mean? What’s the Impact of This Announcement? I think this announcement is very significant for a couple of reasons: From the DAD perspective, it puts a “stamp of

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Scaling Agile and Scrum for Large, Complex Projects

Enterprise Agile Frameworks

There is a lot of confusion and some fairly polarized opinions about scaling Agile and Scrum for large, complex projects involving multiple teams. There are a number of different competing approaches for doing this. Overview Scaling Agile projects to handle large, complex enterprise-level projects is a relatively new area that has a lot of confusion

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What is an Enterprise Agile Coach?

Typical Levels of Management

What is an Enterprise-level Agile Coach? There are very different Agile Coach roles and when people use the term “Agile Coach” it is often not exactly clear what role that they are referring to. Typical Team-level Agile Coach Role Most often, what they’re talking about as an “Agile Coach” is what I would call a

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Enterprise-level Product Backlog Organization

Enterprise-level Product Backlog

A lot of thinking about Agile seems to be based on small, single-team projects rather than large, complex enterprise-level initiatives. Scaling small, single team projects to large, complex, enterprise-level initiatives is a relatively new area. It also requires a different approach to structure an enterprise-level product backlog. Overview A lot of thinking about Agile seems

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