Agile Leadership


This category contains topics associated with Agile Leadership Practices.  Agile leadership requires a much more adaptive leadership style:

  • A good leader doesn’t have one well-defined style of leadership that he/she force-fits all situations to.
  • A good leader recognizes that different styles of leadership are needed in different situations. That’s what “situational leadership” is all about

Another important observation is that the leadership style that is most appropriate in a given situation is directly related to the nature of the project and the problem solving approach.  Any manager who is used to managing in a traditional plan-driven environment will likely need to develop a new Agile Leadership approach for effectively managing in an Agile environment.

New Skills Required

Agile Leadership requires some new skills for many managers.  Some particular topics that are important to understand include:

  • Servant Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Adaptive and Situational Leadership
  • Managing Team Conflict

Stereotypes and Myths

There are lots of stereotypes and myths in this area – here are a few of them:

  • Project Managers only know how to do a “command-and-control” style of management
  • Agile requires a “servant leadership” approach which means that you completely abdicate the leadership role

Those stereotypes generally follow many of the stereotypes that people have about “Agile” and “Waterfall”.

  • They see them as binary and mutually-exclusive choices with nothing in the middle of those extremes.
  • Instead of force-fitting a project to one of those extremes, the right approach is to go in the other direction and fit the methodology to the nature of the problem. Sometimes that requires a blend of the two approaches and a different leadership style.

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