Agile Non-Software Projects

This category is associated with applying Agile to non-software projects.  Agile and Scrum have been heavily associated with software development and there are fairly well-established principles and practices associated with making Agile and Scrum work for a software development project.

It can be far more difficult to apply Agile to non-software projects  that do not involve software development.  In many cases, it is not a straightforward, mechanical implementation of Scrum and it may not even involve Scrum at all.  It typically can involve a broader approach of applying Agile thinking in a very different context.

The use of Agile outside of the software development environment is rapidly evolving and not well-understood.  The examples that are described in this section include:

  • Applying Agile to book publishing
  • Applying Agile to home remodeling
  • Agile Search Engine Optimization
  • The Manhattan Project

Applying Agile in these environments mainly involves a significant shift in thinking to develop a flexible and adaptive approach.  It can take a lot of skill to find the right approach that blends an appropriate amount of planning and control with a sufficient level of flexibility and adaptivity to fit the nature of the project.

Please check the articles associated with this category for more detail:

Was the Manhattan Project an Agile Project?

Was the Manhattan Project an Agile Project?

Was the Manhattan project an Agile project?  I actually think it was, but you have to broaden your thinking about how you define “Agile” in order to see that.  Some people have a very narrow definition of Agile: To some people, Agile equals Scrum and if you’re not doing Scrum and doing it “by the …

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Agile Search Engine Optimization

Agile Search Engine Optimization

This is an article on an Agile search engine optimization project I recently completed that illustrates how to apply Agile thinking to a non-software project. I’ve previously written other articles on applying Agile thinking and techniques to non-software projects (See Related Articles below) This is another article on an Agile Search Engine Optimization project I …

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Using Agile for Non-Software Projects – Agile Home Remodeling

Agile Home Remodeling

A number of my students have requested some case studies that show applying Agile to non-software projects. As an example, I recently completed a home remodeling project using an Agile approach. Home remodeling may seem simple and trivial; but believe me, it was not. Using Agile for Home Remodeling It is possible to apply Agile …

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How Do You Apply Agile to Non-Software Projects? Agile Book Publishing

How Do I Apply Agile Techniques to Non-Software Projects?

Many people have asked about “Applying Agile to non-software projects”.  I’ve done a lot of that myself in using an Agile book publishing approach for publishing five books. I’ve also used similar techniques in designing and developing numerous online training courses. I thought I would summarize some of the techniques I’ve learned from doing Agile …

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