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Transforming Project Management

Course Summaries – Agile Project Management Training


This page contains a summary of the complete Agile Project Management Training curriculum for Project Managers:.

  1. Agile PM 101 – Learn the Truth About Agile versus Waterfall
  2. Agile PM 102 – What’s the Future of Agile Project Management?
  3. Agile PM 201 – Understanding Agile at a Deeper Level
  4. Agile PM 202 – Introduction to Agile Project Management
  5. Agile PM 301 – Mastering Agile Project Management
  6. Agile PM 401 – Advanced Agile Project Management
  7. Agile PM 402 – Enterprise-level Agile Project Management

Why Is This Training Important?

Why is this Agile Project Management training important?

  • The influence of Agile is causing the Project Management Profession to go through rapid and profound changes
  • Those changes are likely to dramatically change the role of project managers
  • They will also raise the bar for the entire project management profession

Certificate of Completion

Students who complete all seven Agile Project Management training courses will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Agile Project Management Academy:

Agile Project Management Certificate

Why is This a Difficult Transition?

This is a difficult transition. It is not a simple matter between a totally plan-driven approach and totally adaptive or Agile approach.

  • There are many alternatives between those extremes and it can require a lot of skill to blend the two approaches to fit a given situation.
  • These courses are designed to help project managers with a traditional, plan-driven project management background understand these challenges. The courses will help project managers:
    • See Agile and traditional plan-driven project management in a fresh new perspective as complementary rather than competitive
    • Develop a more adaptive, high impact project management approach
    • Learn how to blend traditional project management and Agile principles and practices in the right proportions to fit any given situation

More Detailed Information

Check out this article for more on the future of project management and the impact of Agile:

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Primary Agile Project Management Courses

Special Note

These courses are designed as a well-integrated, overall curriculum and are not recommended to be taken as individual courses.

How to Prepare for PMI-ACP Certification

With the purchase of the complete curriculum of seven primary Agile Project Management training courses, you will also receive a free enrollment in an optional course on “How to Prepare for PMI-ACP Certification” that is designed to accompany the seven primary courses.

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