Learn Agile Project Management – Agile will change the very definition of what we think of as “project management” into a broader definition of “Agile Project Management” that embraces Agile as well as traditional, plan-driven project management in one well-integrated approach.

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Learn Agile Project Management

Learn How to Blend Agile and Plan-driven Project Management
in the Right Proportions to Fit Any Given Situation

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Agile Project Management is a rapidly-evolving new approach to project management that is based on blending Agile and traditional plan-driven project management in the right proportions to fit any given situation.

  • It will have a huge impact on the careers of may people involved in project management including project managers and Business Analysts and
  • It will also dramatically impact organizations and Business Managers who have integrated a traditional plan-driven project management approach into the fabric of their organizations.

Training is essential to develop the mindset shift and the new skills that are needed to deal with this transformation and to reinvigorate individual careers and organizational agility.

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