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This category contains topics associated with PMI-ACP certification for Agile Project Management.  The PMI-ACP certification was introduced by PMI in 2013 and signals a very new direction by PMI to embrace Agile as a very important form of project management.

It is a difficult certification exam; but, in my opinion doesn’t go far enough at this point in time.  At the moment, it is a test of general Lean and Agile knowledge and doesn’t fully test the ability of a project manager to understand how to blend these two areas together.

The PMI-ACP exam content went through a significant revision in 2018 and we can expect it to continue to evolve in the future.

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How Long Should I Study for PMI-ACP?

How Long Should I Study for PMI-ACP?

I participated in a discussion on “How long should I study for PMI-ACP?” and here is my initial response: “It’s very unlikely that you can pass the PMI-ACP exam simply by cramming prior to taking the exam. The best way to prepare for the exam is to combine studying with some good, solid real-world experience. […]

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What’s Next After PMI-ACP Certification and What’s the Future Like?

How to Prepare for PMI-ACP Certification

What’s next after PMI-ACP certification? Over the past few years, I’ve been progressively developing a new approach for PMI-ACP training: It goes well beyond other training programs and Lays the groundwork for what I see as the future of project management. Agile Project Management Training Objectives When I set out to develop this training, I

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PMI-ACP Certification Roadmap

Preparing for PMI-ACP Certification

Preparing for the PMI-ACP exam can be difficult. However, simply passing the exam should not be an end-in-itself. In my opinion, it’s important to develop a roadmap that goes beyond PMI-ACP certification and helps you develop the knowledge and skills to do a real-world Agile Project Management job is what’s important. If you do that,

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