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Enterprise-level Agile Project Management

Agile PM 402 – Enterprise-level Agile Project Management

Enterprise-level Agile Project Management

Course Summary

Enterprise-level Agile Project Management is a training course that is designed to help you learn to lead large, complex enterprise-level projects and to lead enterprise-level Agile transformations that are well-aligned with a company’s business!

This course is designed to provide senior-level project and program managers with a deeper understanding of advanced topics related to enterprise-level Agile Project Management principles and practices in order to put in place the right people, process, and tools to lead high-performance, enterprise-level projects and programs for a business or to play a leadership role in an enterprise-level Agile transformation.

Student Reviews

  • ” Fantastic course. Very detailed and gives very good explanations of key concepts regarding scaling agile and enterprise wide Agile. Would recommend this for someone who is experienced or knowledgeable in Agile.”
  • ” Excellent course. Highly recommend.Completed all the 7 courses!! Extremely happy..!! “
  • ” This course is particularly relevant for practitioners in large organizations who must lead large, complex initiatives that impact multiple systems and users across the enterprise, as opposed to efforts that focus on a single product. “
  • ” This was exactly what I was looking for. I work in an Enterprise environment, so this course was very helpful. “

Special Note

This course is part of an overall curriculum that is designed around helping students develop the skills required for a high-impact Agile Project Management role.  Most students will want to take the complete curriculum rather than individual courses.  The complete curriculum should be taken in the following order:

  1. Agile PM 101 – Learn the Truth About Agile versus Waterfall
  2. Agile PM 102 – What’s the Future of Agile Project Management?
  3. Agile PM 201 – Understanding Agile at a Deeper Level
  4. Agile PM 202 – Introduction to Agile Project Management
  5. Agile PM 301 – Mastering Agile Project Management
  6. Agile PM 401 – Advanced Agile Project Management
  7. Agile PM 402 – Enterprise-level Agile Project Management


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