Agile Business Management

This category contains topics associated with applying Agile Business Management in organizations.  These topics are appropriate for:

  1. Agile Product Owners or Product Managers – who need to better understand how to effectively perform the Agile Product Owner role. The Product Owner role in Agile is not well-understood and most of the people who might be selected to perform that role are not well-prepared for what it requires
  2. Business Analysts – who work in an Agile environment and need to optimize their skills to provide a high level of value in that environment
  3. Business Sponsors – who want to learn more about Agile Project Management in order to provide more effective leadership for the initiatives that they are responsible for
  4. Senior-level Executives – who are interested in making their business more agile and want to develop a well-integrated approach to fit an Agile development process to their business

This is a rapidly evolving area that needs to be better understood.  Many Agile training programs address Agile from a development perspective only and training programs like CSPO for business people are limited to the “mechanics” of doing Agile.

Please check the articles associated with this category for more detail:

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