Free Podcast on Agile and Waterfall

I’m very pleased to announce that a free podcast on Agile and Waterfall that I did with Chad McAllister is now available on the web through Chad’s “Everyday Innovator” site. You can check it out here:

TEI 078: Traditional vs Agile project management for product managers–with Chuck Cobb, PhD

This podcast is an excellent summary of an interview I had with Chad McAllister.   Chad is the host of The Everyday Innovator podcast, author of Turning Ideas into Market-Winning Products, and founder of Product Innovation Educators.  He is a Top 40 Product Management Influencer and a Top 10 Innovation Blogger and he helps product managers become product masters.

In this interview you will learn:

  • How to compare waterfall and agile approaches,
  • The problems agile project management strives to solve,
  • Why both planned and adaptive approaches need to be used, and
  • Common issues encountered when adopting agile project management

This interview and podcast are designed to help Product Managers and others understand how to blend Agile and traditional plan-driven project management practices in the right proportions to fit a given situation.  This interview and podcast should be of benefit to anyone who is interested in developing a fresh new perspective to see these two seemingly disparate approaches (Agile and Waterfall) in a fresh new perspective as complementary to each other rather than competitive.

Hope you enjoy this interview and podcast!

PS  Chad made a minor mistake in the title of his blog – he has me down as a PhD and I’m not a PhD.

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