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New Agile Training for Business Managers

I’m very pleased to announce a new Agile training curriculum for business managers including:

  • Agile/Scrum Product Owners
  • Business Managers and Business Sponsors of Agile Projects
  • Business Executives Who Are Interested in Developing a More Agile Approach for their company
  • Business Analysts who need to learn how to operate in an Agile environment
Agile Training for Business Managers

Many people are aware of my Agile Project Management training which has been primarily designed for project managers.

  • That training addresses a significant challenge for project managers to learn how to blend Agile and traditional plan-driven project approach in the right proportions to fit the nature of the project rather than force-fitting all projects to a traditional, plan-driven approach
  • I started developing that training curriculum about 5-6 years ago and since that time it has developed into a very robust training curriculum with almost 100,000 students
  • Today we have many new challenges with regard to Agile that need to be addressed in addition to the challenges faced by project managers

What Are These New Challenges?

The role of Business Managers and Business Analysts in implementing Agile is just as significant and cannot be ignored:

  1. In a traditional, plan-driven project management environment,
    • A large part of the management of a project can be delegated to a project manager, and
    • Once the business requirements for the project are documented and approved by the business, the business role in providing leadership and management of the project can be limited
  2. In an Agile environment,
    • The requirements and the design of the solution evolve and are further refined as the project progresses
    • For that reason, it is essential that the business is much more directly involved in providing leadership and direction to the project as it progresses

In order to provide effective leadership and direction to projects, the business managers who are either directly or indirectly involved in Agile projects need to fully understand how the process works in order to participate collaboratively in the process with the project teams who are responsible for developing the solution.

Why Is This Training Important?

There is very little training available today to address this need and many business people are put into the role of Product Owner or Business Sponsor with very little or no training. In particular,  the role of a Product Owner is very challenging:

  • The Product Owner role is actually a hybrid of some functions of a Project Manager and some functions of a Product Manager and many business people are put into that role with little or no experience in either of those areas.
  • In some cases, a Product Owner might go through Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) training; but that is only a very basic introduction to the “mechanics” of how Scrum works.

I have been working on addressing this need for some time but it has been an incremental and iterative development process.  It is very clear to me that Agile training for business managers is badly needed but it has taken some time to evolve a training curriculum to meet those needs.  After an enormouns amount of effort, I am finally ready to release this new curriculum.

What Are the New Courses?

This new Agile Business Management curriculum is divided into three courses as follows:

1. Agile BM 101 – Hybrid Agile Project Management

This course provides a solid foundation for the other courses in this overall curriculum and helps all business personnel develop a solid understanding of how to implement a hybrid approach that blends the two approaches in the right proportions to fit any given situation. Click on this link for more detailed information on this course.

Intended Audience

Anyone invoived in an Agile project or Agile business environment

2. Agile BM 201 – Mastering Agile Business Management

This course is designed to provide a much deeper understanding of how to effectively lead Agile/Scrum projects for anyone in a Product Owner role or in an equivalent level of business responsibility. The Product Owner role in Agile is not well understood and many business managers who are assigned to perform that role are not well-prepared for it. Click on this link for more detailed information on this course.

Intended Audience

The primary audience for this course is Agile/Scrum Product Owners who are responsible for leading Agile Projects from a business perspective. The Product Owner role in Agile is a very demanding role and is the role primarily responsible for the success or failure of the project from a business perspective. Many existting courses for Product Owners such as Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) are primarily focused on the basic “mechanics” of how to do Scrum. This course goes well beyond that to provide a much deeper understanding of how to be an effective Agile Product Owner from an overall business management perspective.

In addition to the Product Owner role, this course will also appeal to:

  1. Business Analysts – who work in an Agile environment and need to optimize their skills to provide a high level of value in that environment
  2. Business Sponsors – who want to learn more about Agile Project Management in order to provide more effective leadership for the initiatives that they are responsible for

3. Agile BM 301 – Enterprise-level Agile Business Management

The final course in this series is focused on advanced topics related to applying Agile to a business at an enterprise level including. Click on this link for more detailed information on this course.

  • Alignment and Value Disciplines
  • Enterprise-level frameworks (SAFe and DAD)
  • Enterprise-level Agile Transformations
  • Organizational Culture and Change Management

Intended Audience

  • Anyone who has responsibility for planning or leading large, complex enterprise-level Agile projects
  • Anyone who is responsible for planning or leading enterprise-level Agile business transformations

Enroll in This Curriculum

To enroll in this complete curriculum of three courses click on the link below:

Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a money-back guarantee on all of our trainng courses. If you are not completely satisfied with this training, you can simply request a refund.

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