Chuck Cobb

Chuck is the author of the recent, best-selling book "The Project Manager's Guide to Mastering Agile" as well as four other books on Agile Project Management and Business Excellence. He is the founder of the Agile Project Management Academy and he is a very popular instructor with over 80,000 students in 174 countries worldwide with almost 5,000 5-star reviews. His Agile Project Management curriculum is supported on three different training platforms: Udemy (Including Udemy for Business) Pluralsight and The Agile Project Management Academy And, several large major corporations have standardized on his training for all of their project managers. In addition, He has also been a featured speaker at a number of PMI Chapter events, agile groups, universities, and PMO workshops throughout the US as well as internationally. He has been an Adjunct Professor at Boston University and many of his courses originated from a graduate-level Agile Project Management curriculum he originally developed for Boston University. He has a very pragmatic, "real world" approach to Agile that is based on over 20 years of hands-on program/project management experience in a broad range of industries and application areas and he is passionate about helping project managers, business managers, and companies understand the convergence of Agile and traditional project management principles and practices.

What’s Different About PMBOK Version 7?

What’s different about PMBOK version 7? I fInally found time to review PMBOK version 7. It’s been on my “To-do” list for a long time but I just haven’t gotten around to it until now. I think it is a big step forward in the journey that more fully integrates an Agile approach to project […]

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Improving Project Management Performance

Effective project management is the lifeblood of many corporations and improving project management performance is a critical goal. However, the Project Management profession is going through some very significant changes right now as a result of the influence of Agile that will cause us to rethink what “project management” is and to more clearly define

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How Are Agile and the Coronavirus Crisis Related?

Have you thought about how Agile and the current coronavirus crisis are related? I think that there is a lot we can learn from applying an agile approach to the coronavirus crisis. The current coronavirus crisis that is going on throughout the world now is probably one of the worst crises that the world has

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New Agile Training for Business Managers

I’m very pleased to announce a new Agile training curriculum for business managers including: Agile/Scrum Product Owners Business Managers and Business Sponsors of Agile Projects Business Executives Who Are Interested in Developing a More Agile Approach for their company Business Analysts who need to learn how to operate in an Agile environment Many people are

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Should I get a Master’s Degree in Project Management?

How to Prepare for PMI-ACP Certification

Should I get a Master’s Degree in Project Management? I’ve gotten that question a lot from both project managers and undergraduate students who are interested in getting into a project management career. I happen to have a lot of expertise that is relevant to that question: What’s the Value of a Master’s Degree in Project

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Agile History and Archaeology

Have you ever thought about how Agile history has evolved and the broad archaeology behind what direction it is going in? I recently responded to a question about Extreme Programming (XP) on a discussion forum and I made the comment that I thought that the usage of XP has been largely superseded by Scrum. Someone

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What Is Total Quality Management (TQM)? How Is It Related to Agile?

What is Total Quality Management (TQM)? TQM is a quality management philosophy that was created after the end of World War II by Dr. W. Edwards Deming. It resulted in major improvements in product quality particularly in the Japanese Automobile industry. Is TQM Still Valid Today? Although TQM was created a long time ago and

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PMI Acquisition of Digital Agile Delivery (DAD)

You may have heard the announcement that PMI has acquired the Disciplined Agile Delivery Framework (DAD). This is a very significant announcment. What Does The PMI Disciplined Agile Delivery Announcement Mean? What’s the Impact of This Announcement? I think this announcement is very significant for a couple of reasons: From the DAD perspective, it puts a “stamp of

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Was the Manhattan Project an Agile Project?

Was the Manhattan Project an Agile Project?

Was the Manhattan project an Agile project?  I actually think it was, but you have to broaden your thinking about how you define “Agile” in order to see that.  Some people have a very narrow definition of Agile: To some people, Agile equals Scrum and if you’re not doing Scrum and doing it “by the

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Agile Search Engine Optimization

Agile Search Engine Optimization

This is an article on an Agile search engine optimization project I recently completed that illustrates how to apply Agile thinking to a non-software project. I’ve previously written other articles on applying Agile thinking and techniques to non-software projects (See Related Articles below) This is another article on an Agile Search Engine Optimization project I

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