Agile Project Management Student Guide

This post provides a description of an Agile Project Management Student Guide that contains an Agile Project Management learning road map. Over the past two years, I’ve developed seven online training courses to help project managers who may have been heavily indoctrinated in a traditional, plan-driven approach to project management develop a high performance adaptive project management approach that blends Agile and traditional, plan-driven project management in the right proportions to fit any given situation.

Even if you are never involved in a true Agile project, these courses will help you develop a much stronger project management approach that provides a more customer-focused approach to fit the methodology to the nature of the project.

Agile Project Management Student Guide

This can be a difficult and confusing transformation for many project managers and to make this journey easier, I’ve just finished developing an Agile Project Management Student Guide that provides a road map to better understand how the courses I’ve developed help a project manager to address these challenges. You can download a free copy of the student guide from the link below:

Download Agile Project Management Academy Student Guide

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