Agile Project Management for Executives

I have just released a new online training course called “Agile Project Management for Executives”. (It is actually an existing course that has been significantly redesigned)

Agile Project Management for Executives

The Agile Bandwagon

In many areas, “Agile” is becoming a hot new buzz word and everyone wants to jump on the “Agile bandwagon” without necessarily fully understanding why they’re getting into it and exactly what they expect to get out of it. Many companies also make the mistake of assuming that whatever is good for the development process is good for the business as a whole and that is not necessarily the case.

Agile Bandwagon

Course Summary

While Agile has huge potential benefits for a business, it’s important to not get carried away with some of the hype that exists about Agile and develop an objective understanding of its benefits and limitations to know how and when to apply it successfully. The right approach is to not necessarily to just implement Agile for the sake of becoming Agile; but figure out how it’s going to help your business and what problems it will solve. The typical questions and challenges this poses for business managers and executives are:

  • How do I reconcile an Agile development approach with my existing business management and project management processes?
  • Do I need to unravel all of my existing management processes in order to adopt an Agile development approach?

This course will help you answer those questions and includes assessment tools and planning tools to help you develop a very effective Agile Project Management approach that is very well-aligned with your business.

Intended Audience

There are three potential audiences for this course:

  1. Senior-level Executives – The first audience is senior-level executives who are interested in making their business more agile and want to develop a well-integrated approach to fit an Agile development process to their business
  2. Business Sponsors – The next audience is Business Sponsors of an Agile initiative who want to learn more about Agile Project Management in order to provide more effective leadership for the initiatives that they are responsible for
  3. Product Owners – The final audience is for Agile Product Owners who need to better understand how to effectively perform the Agile Product Owner role.  The Product Owner role in Agile is not well-understood and most of the people who might be selected to perform that role are not well-prepared for what it requires

Why Is This Course Unique and Important?

For many years, Agile has been treated as a development process but in recent years it has become apparent that the implementation of Agile as a well-integrated, enterprise-level business strategy is not well-understood.

A lot of the Agile training that exists today is very focused on implementing Agile as a development process and on the “mechanics” of how to do Scrum. There is a relatively weak focus on Agile from a business perspective. For example, when I got my CSPO (Certified Scrum Product Owner) certification more than five years ago, the course was heavily focused on the “mechanics” of how to do Scrum and didn’t really directly address the role of the Product Owner as a business decision-maker at all.

  • This course is not a sales-pitch for Agile – it recognizes that there is not a binary and mutually-exclusive choice between “Agile” and “Waterfall” as many people seem to think and it objectively presents Agile and traditional plan-driven project management approaches as complementary to each other rather than competitive.
  • This course is not a superficial seminar on how to implement Agile. It is a very substantive, university-level course that is over four hours long that provides a very in-depth understanding of Agile from a business perspective

This course is also designed to complement all of my Agile Project Management courses. The idea being that implementation of Agile at an enterprise-level requires a collaborative partnership between a business executive and a senior-level Agile Project Manager based on a mutual understanding of how an Agile approach might apply to their business.

Special Discount Offer

I’m anxious to have a limited number of people review this course and provide feedback and inputs. For that reason, I am offering a special discount offer to a limited number of people who are willing to to be a “beta tester” for this new course for only $10 (Normal list price is $195). If you’re interested in beta testing the course and providing feedback, please click on the link below:

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This is a very limited offer. Please don’t register for this course unless you are sincerely interested in learning and providing feedback and inputs.