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Agile Project Management Books

Here’s a summary of the Agile Project Management books that I’ve published as well as some earlier books on Business Excellence that I have published.

The Project Manager’s Guide to Mastering Agile
(Published in 2015)

The Project Management Profession is beginning to go through rapid and profound transformation due to the widespread adoption of agile methodologies. Those changes are likely to dramatically change the role of project managers in many environments as we have known them and raise the bar for the entire project management profession; however, we are in the early stages of that transformation and there is a lot of confusion about the impact it has on project managers:

  • There are many stereotypes and misconceptions that exist about both Agile and traditional plan-driven project management,
  • Agile and traditional project management principles and practices are treated as separate and independent domains of knowledge with little or no integration between the two and sometimes seen as in conflict with each other
  • Agile and “Waterfall” are thought of as two binary, mutually-exclusive choices and companies sometimes try to force-fit their business and projects to one of those extremes when the right solution is to fit the approach to the project

It’s no wonder that many Project Managers might be confused by all of this! This book will help project managers unravel a lot of the confusion that exists; develop a totally new perspective to see Agile and traditional plan-driven project management principles and practices in a new light as complementary to each other rather than competitive; and learn to develop an adaptive approach to blend those principles and practices together in the right proportions to fit any situation.

Managed Agile Development
(Published in 2013)

(This book is being replaced by the book above)

Transform your business, achieve faster time-to-market, and produce higher quality products well aligned with your customers’ needs. Managed Agile Development will show you how to develop an overall approach that blends Agile and plan-driven project management principles and practices in the right proportions to fit your company’s business environment.

Many businesses make the mistake of force-fitting their business or projects to a particular project management methodology-either Agile or plan-driven. Others are rapidly abandoning traditional Waterfall programs in favor of Agile-but it doesn’t have to be an either-or choice. A better approach is to design a project management approach to fit the methodology (or combination of methodologies) to your business. With this well-organized, clear, and comprehensive guide, you can experience the benefits of an Agile approach combined with some of the benefits of a more plan-driven methodology, specifically designed to fit your business needs.

Cover Picture
Making Sense of Agile Project Management
(Published in 2011)

The book is intended to provide a much deeper understanding of agile principles, methodologies, and practices to enable project managers to develop a more agile approach and understand how to blend and tailor agile and traditional principles, methodologies, and practices to create an appropriate balance of control and agility to fit a business environment as well as the risks and complexities of any individual project. The book will also provide business managers and leaders an understanding of how to fit agile methodologies into an overall business strategy that provides the right balance of control and agility for their business.

Books on Business Excellence/Process Improvement

EPM Cover Picture
Enterprise Process Mapping
(Published in 2005)

Many books on process mapping are oriented around a traditional manufacturing process control environment. The methodology and tools in this book are applicable to any company in any industry that is interested in developing a much more integrated, systems approach to management to dramatically improve their business. The author’s previous book, From Quality to Business Excellence: A Systems Approach to Management, explains the philosophy behind this approach. This book provides the “how to” for achieving that level of visualization with a unique combination of theory and tools showing you how to implement enterprise process mapping in a way that will yield significant business value for your organization.

Business Excellence Cover Photo
From Quality to Business Excellence
(Published in 2003)

As the face of business continues to change, organizations are looking for new ways to remain competitive and profitable. Many businesses have succumb to the “program du jour” management trap, jumping from one management philosophy to the next looking for the ultimate solution. ISO 9000, Baldrige, Six Sigma…which is the best program for your company? From Quality to Business Excellence: A Systems Approach to Management demonstrates how these and other management philosophies compliment each other and form the basis for a new systems approach to management. By better understanding how these approaches all potentially fit together, managers will be able to use these tools more effectively in a much more integrated approach. From Quality to Business Excellence will show how to integrate a management approach using a variety of methods to bring the most out of your business.
Use From Quality to Business Excellence to help your organization:

  • Shift from a narrow, compliance-orientation to Quality Management to a high-impact, continuous improvement orientation that drives business results
  • Learn how to apply the right management tools to your situation
  • Create your own high performance management system to last for decades
  • Use Information Technology More Effectively to Drive Business Results
  • Build in the capability to absorb new techniques as they emerge
  • Avoid gut-wrenching (and costly) restarts to accommodate new methods and standards


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  1. I like the book managed agile development. While Agile methods have deservedly been getting much attention, past approaches have plenty of value too. Agile is a quick start to any organization. this book is easy to understand with very informative information

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