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Agile Project Management Training Online for Project Managers - The Project Management Profession is beginning to go through rapid and profound changes due to the widespread adoption of agile methodologies. Those changes are likely to dramatically change the role of project managers as we have known them in many environments and raise the bar for the entire project management profession.

It is not a simple matter of making a binary choice between a totally plan-driven approach and totally adaptive or Agile approach. There are many alternatives between those extremes and it can require a lot of skill to adapt an approach to fit a given situation. These courses are designed to help project managers with a traditional, plan-driven project management background understand these challenges and to develop a more adaptive, high impact project management approach for blending traditional project management and Agile principles and practices in the right proportions to fit a given project and business environment.

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Customer Testimonials:

  • "Great content and concepts are adequately explained, setting a solid foundation to understand the topics further"
  • "I think this is a great course! It gives you a big panorama about the differences between waterfall and agile, and how both can be combined to be used in complex projects. I learned a lot with this course. Totally recommended"
  • "This course is well-organized and provides the basics for understanding the difference between Agile and Waterfall. You will receive valuable information!"

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The special bundled packages shown below are only available through the Agile Project Management Academy.   The equivalent individual courses are available through the Udemy Platform.

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Customer Testimonials:

  • "This is exactly what I was looking for. I knew that traditional and agile project management needed to be compared and combined somehow, but could not find a resource."
  • "I enjoyed the course very much. I am currently working as a Scrum Master on a hybrid (agile-waterfall) project for a big multinational company. This presentation made it clear how to distinguish the two approaches and what are the main differences."

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Customer Testimonials:

  • "Another home run. Stays true to form and doesn't digress. Worthy of an entire semester and definitely should be part of your Agile resource references"
  • "Great advanced course on agile project management. The content is comprehensive and informative, and the instructor delivery is interesting and engaging. I highly recommend it."
  • "Excellent Trainer with practical knowledge. All the answers were attended to and several examples were shared to make the learning more effective. The contents are very useful for both my current position and my future plans. I chose the right course and thanks for the assistance and guidance."
  • "This course is aimed at those managing projects in an agile enterprise environment, and also at senior business people contemplating incorporating an agile framework in their business, It emphasises that there is not a binary choice between waterfall and agile - a hybrid solution (3 of which are described) may be a better fit, or both frameworks may be used situationally.
  • Chuck clearly knows his stuff, and I found the course easy to follow whilst encouraging me to really think."
  • "This course gives great insight in AGILE, which can be applied in any project for any industry. As a marketer, this course has given me confidence to apply the knowledge to any key marketing project I next work on. The instructor is brilliant and has great case studies of how he has used AGILE in projects."

Instructor Bio

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Chuck Cobb is the author of the recent, best-selling book "The Project Manager's Guide to Mastering Agile" as well as four other books on Agile Project Management and Business Excellence and he is one of the most popular and well-known instructors in the area of Agile Project Management with over 25,000 students and over 500 5-star reviews.

He has been a featured speaker at a number of PMI Chapter events, agile groups, universities, and PMO workshops throughout the US. He has a very pragmatic, "real world" approach to Agile that is based on over 20 years of hands-on program/project management experience in a broad range of industries and application areas and he is passionate about helping project managers understand the convergence of Agile and traditional project management principles and practices. 

Blending Agile and Traditional Project Management