Agile Is a Lot Like Playing Golf – It Can be Very Difficult

Agile Is a Lot Like Playing Golf -there are a number of things about Agile that remind me of playing golf.

  • In the game of golf, if you didn’t have to get the ball in the hole, my golf score would be a lot better.  Imagine if the requirement in golf was only to get the ball somewhere near the green – if you didn’t actually have to get it in the hole, my score would be a lot better, but that would be very misleading, wouldn’t it?That’s equivalent to a team that doesn’t have a clear definition of “Done”. On the surface, it may look like they’re completing sprints successfully, but when you look deeper, you sometimes discover that there is not a good process to validate that the work is really complete and really meets the business need it is intended to fulfill.
  • The reason golf can be such a difficult and frustrating game to master is that it requires a fair amount of discipline, lots of practice, and lots of patience and persistence to be good at it – Agile is the same way.
  • Golf also requires some planning and strategy – the best players carefully consider every shot; They don’t just go out there and whack the ball around.

One thought on “Agile Is a Lot Like Playing Golf – It Can be Very Difficult”

  1. I fully agree to this Analogy. Being Agile is more like being very good and competitive at Golf.

    I have dealt with people who after reading or viewing some videos about Agile perceive themselves already capable of implementing Agile. Without them actually being able to try it out. They see it as a very simple and easy thing to do.

    Going back to Golf, in Golf, you have to go through several Training, Actual plays, more Training and Extensive Competitions for you to say you know Golf and can actually Teach Golf, in the case of Agile, be able to implement Agile and with an Agile mindset.

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