The Managed Agile Development website contains numerous free and informative articles on the subject of "Agile Project Management".

What is "Project Management"

The articles in this blog site are designed to accompany our online training curriculum and both are designed to:

  • Transform project managers into a high impact Agile Project Management role,
  • Help Project  Managers learn how to blend those two approaches in the right proportions to fit any situation, and
  • Enable both project managers and Agile teams to see Agile and traditional, plan-driven project management in a fresh new light as complementary rather than competitive
Over 25,000 students have enrolled to date in our
online Agile Project Management training and it has received over 500 5-star reviews!!

Chuck Cobb is the primary author of the articles in this website as well as the Agile Project Management training curriculum. Chuck is the author of the new best-selling book that was published in early 2015 called “The Project Manager’s Guide To Mastering Agile”. That will be the third book he has published on Agile Project Management and he has also published two prior books on Business Excellence.

He has over 20 years of practical hands-on experience as a Project Manager and Program Manager in a broad range of industries and application areas and over 10 years of experience in a consulting role helping companies develop and implement improved business processes and project management methodologies.

Chuck Cobb

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Blending Agile and Traditional Project Management